The BIPOC Cannabis Business Network

The BIPOC Cannabis Business Network

Welcome to The BIPOC Cannabis Business Network

Our private social network for connecting with BIPOC Cannabis Business Network members.

About Us

BIPOCANN is shaping a more accessible and profitable legal cannabis industry for BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of Color) businesses and professionals.  

 Our BIPOC Cannabis Business Network is:

  • A place to meet cannabis industry leaders  BIPOC professionals, business owners, and supporting brands.
  • A place to exchange goods, services and ideas that promote BIPOC economic growth in cannabis.
  • An innovation hub that values your voice and perspectives.
  • BIPOC-owned and managed by a global cannabis industry marketing insider.
  • A safe, inclusive community that is available by app, saving you money, effort, and time to network.

Why Your Support Matters

Pushes for cannabis decriminalization, criminal justice reforms, and social equity programs accelerated in the mainstream in 2020 – with the increased recognition that BIPOC communities have been disproportionately excluded from the profit centers of the booming legal cannabis industry, while also being grossly over-represented for cannabis-related arrests, convictions, and incarcerations.

With enough support, we change that narrative. Help us build critical mass by joining our BIPOC Cannabis Business Network of supporters, allies, and advocates.

Invite a Friend!

By connecting us to others who join, you are directly contributing to our goal of advancing BIPOC representation and economic growth in the legal cannabis industry.

Who do you know that is interested in supporting BIPOC businesses in cannabis?

Please refer them to for more information.

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